What type of insurance is necessary for this trip?

You have to contract your own insurance, medical-accidents, and travel-theft. We suggest you to look in a place like this:...

What should I expect in terms of weather in Ecuador's main land and Galapagos?

No wether pattern is clear. Galapagos is more stable with strong rain, sun shine and intense heat between mid December to mid May, and a drier, colder and cloudy sky between mid May to mid December, beeing October the coldest time of the year. In the main land it varies from region to region. Detail more...

What is the international opinion of Ecuador regarding security to travel in the country?

You can find the information in the following links:

In which time zone is Ecuador compared to U.K. and U.S?

Compared to UK we have in the northern hemisphere winter time 6 hours of diference, beeing 6 hours behind.

Compared to the US eastern time we have no difference in time during the winter in the northern hemisphere with Florida, but 1 hour of difference in the summer time, beeing Ecuador behind.

How can I have a quote of your services and how can I pay for them?

You can use our online travel agent to do a Quote or pay online through PayPal, in the following link:

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